School year in Palestine to start tomorrow with more than 1.3 million students despite coronavirus pandemic

RAMALLAH, The school year in Palestine is expected to start tomorrow after the Palestinian cabinet gave in August the okay for starting it despite the coronavirus pandemic.

The Ministry of Education said 1.35 million students are expected to resume classes tomorrow in the West Bank and Gaza Strip following a rigorous program that takes into account the health hazards of the disease.

The school year will start first with grade one through four, to be followed two weeks later by grades five through 11, taking into account that some students will attend classes on some days of the week while others on the remaining days as education from a distance will continue for those staying at home.

Meanwhile, Gaza is pondering return to school for its students in light of the recent alarming rise in the number of corona cases among its population that led to imposing a lockdown on the entire Gaza Strip in an effort to contain the disease.

High school 12th grade students who are going to sit for the general matriculation exam, the tawjihi, at the end of the school year have already started classes and in some cases schools were temporarily closed after students or teachers have tested positive for coronavirus.

Studies were interrupted early last year when the first cases of the pandemic were discovered in Palestine in March forcing the closure of all schools and starting the learning from a distance program.


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency