Settlers attack homes east of Hebron

HEBRON, Saturday, Extremist Jewish settlers from Kiryat Arba settlement, east of Hebron in the West Bank, attacked on Saturday Palestinians’ homes in the eastern outskirts of the city, according to local sources.

Rampaging settlers from Kiryat Arba, illegally built on Palestinian land, threw stones at several homes as well as physically assaulted members of the Abu Es’efan family, lightly injuring some of them.

This is the second attack by Israeli settlers on homes in the same area in less than 24 hours. Last night, settlers attacked the same area and injured two members of the Abu Es’efan family, including a 10-year-old child, Mohammad, and his father, Jamil, 48.

Settler violence against Palestinians and their property is routine in the West Bank and is rarely prosecuted by Israeli authorities.

According to the Israeli rights group B’Tselem, As the occupying force, Israel must protect the Palestinians in the West Bank. However, the Israeli authorities neglect to fulfill this responsibility and do not do enough to prevent Israeli civilians from attacking Palestinians, their property and their lands.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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