Singapore seems to be a hub for a digital payment service Industry

After Apple, Samsung is also about to arrive in Singapore

As Apple has come up with a move to launch its Apple pay in Singapore, so soon after that the Samsung has also got into the limelight of the media, with the announcement of launching its own Samsung pay for letting the people pay for different goods with comfort and one thing is much sure that the Samsung is going to give a hard time to Apple there in Singapore. Because it has been seen that in Asian countries the Samsung has an edge over Apple, as its users are more than the users of Apple, but now it’s the time that will explain that either the Samsung or Apple will dominate the digital payment service industry in Singapore.

The Samsung’s Pay in Singapore

Those who remain constantly in touch with the tech world’s latest happening, so they will have come across the news before that the Samsung had revealed the news that Samsung will launch its Samsung Pay in Singapore this year, but now it has come up with a definite timeline. Samsung has revealed the fact that this service is going to be available in the retail stores as soon as Q2 2016 and it’s the day after Apple came up with launching its Apple pay in Singapore for the very first time. But again defeating Samsung in this specific field of digital payment service in Singapore is one of the biggest tasks so far for Apple.

What edge does the Samsung have over Apple in Singapore?

Although Apple Pay has been made officially available by Apple, but you must remember that as it is in the beginning phase so that has been confined only for the American Express Card Holders in Singapore. On the other hand Samsung Pay has been available as a payment method for both bus and train fares from the end of the March. Samsung Pay happens to shake hands with American Express, MasterCard, and Visa and many major banks in Singapore in order to let its users leverage this Samsung Pay in a more comfortable manner. The banks of Singapore, which have partnered with Samsung, are DBS/POSB, OCBC Bank and Standard Charted and that means that this Samsung pay has to work at almost every retail store that accepts credit cards once it properly finishes rolling out. Apple also seems to be on a similar path on which the Samsung is, as it has also plans to partner with all the above mentioned institutions.


In its recent announcement, Samsung has come up with a statement that 71 percent of Samsung users have shown their interest in order to leverage this exciting service of Samsung that happens to be the Samsung pay. If that is the case so we must think about this exciting service of Samsung to dominate the digital payment industry in Singapore, and according to the many I.T experts that is what Apple will have to prepare for if it wants to be the leading company proving digital payment service in Singapore.