Statement by Dubai’s Attorney General on conviction of the three Britons

WAM Dubai, 30th April 2013 (WAM) — British citizens Grant Cameron, Karl Williams and Suneet Jeerh were convicted for possession of illegal drugs at the Criminal Court and each sentenced to four years in jail, to be followed by deportation. The defendants as well as the Office of the Public Prosecution maintain the right to appeal this sentence should they wish to do so, the Attorney General in Dubai, Issam Issa Al Humaidan, said on Tuesday.

”The defendants were arrested in July 2012 in possession of 1.34 kilograms of synthetic cannabis, illegal in the United Arab Emirates and in many other jurisdictions. The court found the defendants guilty of possession, but dismissed charges of distribution and peddling. The UAE maintains a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and distribution, and the defendants were prosecuted according to the evidence,”Al Humaidan said in a statement.

”Following their arrest the defendants made allegations in the media and to British consular staff that they were tortured during the process of arrest and detainment. The defendants, however, did not file any official complaint during the criminal proceedings nor did they file any legal action to the UAE authorities, bearing in mind the presence of their lawyers in all court hearings, discussion with prosecution witnesses and the presentation of all defense notes as per court proceedings,” he indicated.

”Nevertheless, as a result of British Embassy enquiries an internal investigation was conducted and these allegations were found to be baseless,” the Attorney General concluded.