Syrian National Council President Praises "Historic" Doha Meeting

Doha, November 10 (QNA) – Newly elected Syrian National Council President George Sabra described Friday the council’s latest general assembly in Doha as “historic,” and stressed that those meetings renewed commitment to the Syrian revolution and the people of Syria.
Sabra expressed, in a press conference held in Doha today, his appreciation of the Qatari efforts being made to unite the Syrian opposition in order to serve the revolution’s goals and defend the people in Syria. “Our brothers in Qatar no longer need thanks for their efforts because we have been thanking them a lot for their efforts, yet we thank them again for hosting the meetings of the National Council,” Sabra said.
He praised yesterday’s elections of the SNC President which he said was a “democratic lesson” that the SNC members were looking to translate in Syria. He expressed his hope that one day “we (Syrian people) vote in municipal, parliamentary elections. That’s the revolution’s main goal and its drive for change.”
He saluted Syrian rebels inside Syria who he said were up against an “arrogant” regime that was using all tools of murder and torture against their people who demand freedom, democracy and stability. (QNA)