Syrian Opposition Figures Positive About Doha Meeting

Doha, November 07 (QNA) – Participants in the Syrian opposition meeting, currently underway in Doha, said that success of the talks require hard work and sincerity and to put Syrian national interests ahead of any other personal or factional interests.
The meeting is held among wide international attention in anticipation of what results will come out of it that might help the international community have a unified stance regarding the Syrian crisis.
Syrian National Council’s (SNC) head Abdulbaset Sieda said he believes the meeting will come with important results that enhance the opposition’s unity, stressing the significance of the meeting as several opposition figures and sides join the body for the first time.
Sieda, speaking to QNA, said that the Doha meeting is different from any previous one because several opposition figures and different sides are taking part in it, noting that all the sides intend to come out with a unified vision to tackle the current challenge.
He added that the opposition factions discussed internal issues about SNC’s performance, organizational structure and general secretariat, in addition to talks about Syria after the sought fall of President Bashar al-Assad.
Asked about SNC’s performance and the criticism against it one year after it was established, Sieda said he believes the council is the cornerstone of the post-Assad phase, noting that the Syrian people have always stressed that SNC is who represents them. However, he said that there are some shortcomings in the council’s performance but it remains the Syrian people’s representative during the uprising and before the fall of the regime.

Sieda thanked the State of Qatar for hosting the meeting, adding that Qatar and its Emir and government have always been advocates of peoples’ rights and their aspirations of freedom, praising the country for its support of countries that witnessed popular uprisings.
Sieda’s statements come as Qatar exerts strenuous efforts to formulate a new initiative on the Syrian crisis, according to statements by HE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Khalid bin Mohamed Al-Attiyah during an interview with Al Jazeera on Tuesday.
The Qatari initiative has two main components: SNC and the other opposition factions that have not joined the council. The initiative suggests a parliament-like national body for the Syrian opposition, where all the factions meet and elect a government of technocrats or politicians capable of managing the transition.
The proposed body should have add two major entities to the SNC: a judicial committee to defend the Syrian people’s rights and prepare for transitional justice, and a supreme military council that will be supervised by the new body.
In order to make sure the new initiative would be successful, Qatar has been in contact with all the Syrian factions to get their opinions before crystalizing the initiative, which will benefit also from the support of Arab countries and friends of Syria who are keen on the success of any efforts that help alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people and stop the massacres against them. (END)