Teckler launches service that gives money to content generators

– Teckler is creating a new concept for Internet use where power is 100% in the hands of the user, it is an evolution of tools that already exist, enabling users to create specific content and earn extra income

RIO DE JANEIRO, May 16, 2013 /PRNewswire — The Web 3.0 has arrived with Teckler, which is putting its money on exposure and payment of content generators.

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“Teckler is the next step in the world Internet. We think that with Internet 1.0 the vast majority of services were free, and on Internet 2.0 companies actually began to make money with content generated by users. On Internet 3.0, the ones who are starting to make money are the users themselves who create this content,” explains Claudio Gandelman, company founder and ex-CEO of Match.com Latin America.

Teckler promotes engagement more easily than a blog, and with no obligation to update content all the time. Content can be created and shared through texts, photos, video and audio and still generate payment from the audience it reaches.  Generators of this content get to keep 70% of revenues earned.

“After six months of development, we’re carrying out a simultaneous launch in 164 countries, in 13 different languages, that is, we’ve got a potential audience of more than 4 billion people,” Gandelman notes. Teckler generates income with advertising for content generators, depending on the traffic in that specific content. The idea is to be a platform for sharing knowledge, culture and passion in a way that is entertaining, without a lot of rules, where people can share their creativity and debate a variety of subjects.

The Tecklers are paid by the number of visualizations of content items. “We are shattering a paradigm with this model, because we are giving ordinary people the potential to become shapers of opinion, regardless of their level of sociability and based on the differential of what they produce.”

Tecklers range from academics and people who are crazy about technology to lovers of literature, artists, photographers, weekend chefs, and folks with tips on entertainment, travel, health, beauty, and so on. Teckler will also be of interest to anyone looking for any kind of information.

“Companies that figure out smart ways to use Teckler will have an extraordinary tool in their hands.  A food company, for example, can write recipes, post them on Teckler and put a link on the page connecting to their site. It’s a new world, and whoever knows how to make good use of it is going to have opportunities that never existed before,” adds Gandelman.


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