Telecom ministry orders lowering internet access line prices between 10 and 20%

RAMALLAH, Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technology, Ishaq Seder, today ordered reducing the prices of the internet access line provided by the Palestinian Telecommunications Company (Paltel) by 10% to 20%, effective October 1, said the Ministry in a press release,

It said that it has set new prices for the access line of various speeds, which should go into effect at the beginning of next month.

The ministry also said that that it is reviewing the work of all internet providers in Palestine to make sure they adhere to the terms of their license agreement and has created a joint committee with them to better organize this sector to make it more efficient and competitive.

It urged telecom companies and providers to establish a new telecommunication company that can compete against Paltel, which has a monopoly over the land lines in Palestine.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency