The Executive Council in Abu Dhabi reviews policy on accommodation of local departments’ employees

Abu Dhabi: The Secretariat General of the Executive Council in Abu Dhabi has issued a decision instructing all employees of local departments and agencies to reside inside the emirate.

The decision grants all the employees one year grace period to implement the decision. The new decision amends the human resources policy regarding the accommodation of the staff of local departments and agencies.

The move comes within keenness of the Government of Abu Dhabi to ensure safety of its employees and achieve social stability for them and their families. The decision follows in-depth studies on the effects of the distance between place of residence and workplace on employees. Driving for a long distance in variable weather conditions was cited among others.

According to official figures released by the Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi, the number of vehicles which enter Abu Dhabi from 06am- 07am, are about 10, 869 carrying between 16, 303: 19, 564 people. The figures show the traffic congestion encountered by road users.

The decision may contribute to production efficiency as far distance from workplace affects employees because of the exhaustion caused by long driving.


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