Two electoral lists for local councils are female-only, says election commission

RAMALLAH, � Statistics on the preliminary register of electoral lists and candidates for the upcoming local council elections released Tuesday by the Palestinian Central Elections Commission (CEC) said that two electoral lists had only female candidates.

In addition, eight lists were headed by woman candidates, said the CEC, putting the percentage of woman candidates in all the lists at 26 per cent.

A total of 735 lists were submitted for 391 districts in the West Bank broken down into 116 city councils and 275 village councils.

The CEC said the number of lists registered as political parties or coalition of parties represented 41.6% of the total candidate lists, whereas independent lists which are not affiliated to any political party represented 58.4% of the total lists.

Young candidates aged 25-35 accounted for the majority of candidates in the lists representing 31% of the total number of candidates with Hebron district topping the list where percentage of candidates under the age of 36 reached 38% of the total number of candidates.

Candidates aged 36-45 constituted 27%, and those aged 46-55 represented 26%, whereas 16% of candidates were above the age of 55.

Jericho recorded the lowest percentage in candidates from the same age group with only 28%, according to the CEC data.

The CEC said elections will not be held in 61 councils which did not submit lists (56 councils) or did not have enough members on the lists to fill all the seats as required by law to hold elections in these councils (5 councils).

In addition, 180 districts had only one list submitted, which means that the lists have automatically won and therefore no elections will be held there either.

The remaining 150 councils have more than one list submitted, which will compete in the May 13 local council elections.

Meanwhile, CEC chairman, Hanna Nasir, met Tuesday with members of the European Union elections observation mission, who heard a briefing on preparations for the upcoming local elections.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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