Two West Bank village wells were deemed useless after they were plugged with cement by Israeli forces

TULKARM, The Israeli occupation forces today plugged with cement two underground water wells that were providing drinking water for residents in the villages of al-Ras and Kafr Aboush, south of Tulkarm, deeming them useless.

The head of al-Ras village council, Muhammad Majdoub, told WAFA that the occupation forces plugged a well in the eastern area of the village with concrete without a prior warning.

The Israeli forces also seized a water pump and a truck parked in the area owned by a local resident and forced municipality crews to leave the area.

He added that the well was dug by the municipality last year for drinking purposes to alleviate the water shortage crisis in the village, especially in the summer, after the Israeli company Mekorot refused to provide the village with more water.

Fatah activist in the village of Kafr Aboush, Murshid Jabara, explained to WAFA that a concrete mix truck protected by the Israeli soldiers plugged a water well in the area between Kur and Kafr Aboush villages with cement, indicating that the well was dug a year and a half ago and approved two months ago in order to serve the two villages.

Israel has total control over Palestinian water resources in the occupied territories and does not allow Palestinians to dig underground water wells or even ponds that collect rainwater, forcing the Palestinians to buy what should be their own water from Israeli sources.


Source: Palestine News & Info Agency