UAE Armed Forces to organize Arab Regional Group of Military’s 3rd International Congress

_: The Congress will focus on four main themes, namely: (1) Humanitarian Military Interventions (2) Impact of Illness and non combat injuries on soldiers and their readiness (3) Advances in Military Medicine and (4) Wartime Evacuations.

Each theme will be extensively discussed when scientific documentation are presented providing a suitable environment for the exchange of ideas between highly qualified and experienced professionals in all fields to share valuable individual experiences and findings from the different countries represented, through the organization of debates, discussions, workshops and press conferences on a number of scientific research studies covering topics in the various themes on the program.

The congress will provide an opportunity for all those involved to gain valuable scientific expertise and knowledge in the field of Military Medicine regionally as well as internationally, hoping that all those involved including participants in the congress have a pleasant stay and experience in their second home country the UAE.


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