UAE papers denounce Israeli attack on Syria

WAM ABU DHABI, 6th May, 2013 (WAM) — The UAE media on Monday denounced the Israeli aggression against Syria, saying Israel has no right to meddle in Syria.

The daily English papers commented that the aggression had only increased the danger to the region and had worsened the crisis in Syria.

In an editorial carried by “Gulf News” under the title “Israel has no right to meddle in Syria”, the paper said that :”In no way will the conflict in Syria come to an end so long as there are various players who choose to interfere in the country’s affairs. Syria today is an open battlefield on which many external agendas have taken centre stage. And the cost of such interference is very high given the extent of the bloodshed.

“Hence, the recent direct involvement by Israel in the Syrian conflict should be condemned as it will worsen the situation in the country”, it added.

Another editorial in “The National” entitled “Israel’s strikes in Syria muddy a messy conflict”, the paper said that ”The calculations behind Israel’s strikes on Syrian military assets on Friday and yesterday are not complicated. Israel has never been hesitant about acting in its own perceived self-interest, with little regard for niceties such as borders.

”But these attacks serve Israeli purposes at the price of adding another unwelcome complication to Syria’s agony,” it remarked.

Moreover, the Dubai based local daily “Khaleej Times” carried another editorial entitled “War clouds over Syria”, it said that Israel is in an offensive mood. Its jets once again flew over Syrian airspace and bombed suburbs in Damascus.

”The Jamraya facility, which houses a research centre, seems to have been targeted and destroyed. The magnitude of the attack was so huge that it felt like an earthquake and the powerful explosion turned the black night sky of Damascus red as fires raged. Though Syria is yet to come up with a rejoinder, it goes without saying that an act of aggression has already taken place, and the aggression has only increased the danger to the region and has worsened the crisis in Syria.

”This shouldn’t have happened and it was incumbent upon the Western powers, especially the United States, to have stopped Israel from going over the brink,” it concluded.