UN Official Praises Qatar’s Hosting of UN Climate Change Conference (COP18)

Doha, November 26 (QNA) -The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres has praised Qatar’s hosting of  the UN Climate Change Conference (COP18) and the 8th meeting of the Kyoto Protocol parties which is attended by more than 17,000 representatives.
   On the sidelines of the conference, Figueres said that by hosting the conference Qatar is emphasizing its role at the international level and its contribution to efforts to confronting climate change.
    Its the first time that such a meeting is held in the Middle East, she said , referring to Qatar’s efforts over the past two years to host the conference. She also praised the country’s endeavors  towards reducing gas emissions through investment and financing scientific research, noting that Qatar will produce 1800 megawatt of power from solar energy by 2014 as part of its vision to produce 20% of its electricity needs from renewable energy sources.
Figueres said that the Doha meeting will extend the Kyoto protocol annexed to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which sets timetables and limits for gas emissions and seeks to find tools to limit new emissions.
    She added that it was important to complete all the negotiations relevant to climate change under the convention and find long-term financing to face the rising challenges and to take the necessary procedures to help developing countries in this field.
  The meeting helps Qatar contribute to setting a road map for the world’s climate change efforts from 2012 to 2015, Figueres said.
    Three previous conferences on climate change have so far failed to reach a world consensus.
    The Copenhagen meeting in 2009 failed to clinch a binding agreement protecting the earth from climate change but struck a political understanding that was rejected by many developing countries as insufficient to face climate  changes.
   In Cancun, Mexico,2010 the meeting  was aimed at reducing emissions of gases causing climate change and providing financing for disaster-stricken areas and at bridging differences over the Kyoto Protocol.
   At the Durban conference in 2011, it was agreed on two approaches, one related to Kyodo Protocol and another to a long term agreement on climate change.
  The Doha conference is hopefully expected to produce a third approach to clinch a comprehensive agreement whereby all countries will shoulder the burden of climate change. (QNA)