US organization calls on Justin Bieber to cancel his Tel Aviv performance

ALLAH, US women-led grassroots organization CODEPINK has called on Canadian singer Justin Bieber to cancel his scheduled performance in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The 27-year-old pop singer is set to perform on October 13, 2022, in Tel Aviv’s Ganei Yehoshu, following two performances in South Africa, as part of his Justice World Tour.

CODEPINK has started a petition in which it called on Bieber to respect Palestinian human rights by cancelling his show in Tel Aviv.

“According to Human Rights Watch, the most respected human rights organization in the world, and B’tselem, Israel’s largest human rights organization, Israel is practicing apartheid. From the river to the sea, Israel privileges one group of people (Jews) over another group of people (Palestinians) in order to maintain Jewish Israeli control over demographics, political power, and land. To achieve this, Israel dispossesses Palestinians from their lands, demolishes Palestinian homes, subjects Palestinians to checkpoints, child imprisonment, and numerous daily humiliations and violence. The separate and unequal system that Israel imposes on Palestinians is a daily nightmare,” CODEPINK said in a statement.

“When you released your album Justice, faced criticism for using samples of Dr. Martin Luther King in the album’s songs. You responded to the criticism by listening and learning and admitting that you “just didn’t know better” and you hadn’t received an education in Black history during your upbringing. “I want to keep growing and learning about just all social injustices and what it looks like for me to be better,” you said. We hope you learn about the crimes Israel commits against the Palestinian people and follow the teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King to stand with the oppressed.”

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency