Weather forecast: Partly cloudy, relatively cold skies to prevail

RAMALLAH,� Weather on Thursday is partly cloudy and relatively cold in daytime and cold in nighttime and temperatures are set to rise and approach the seasonal average, said Palestine Meteorological Department.

Wind is southwesterly to northwesterly and light to moderate. Sea waves are medium.

Partly cloudy and pleasant skies are set to prevail in daytime on Friday and become relatively cold in nighttime. Temperatures are set to rise by two degrees Celsius.

Temperatures are set to further rise and approach four degrees Celsius above the seasonal average on Saturday with partly cloudy and relatively cold skies.

Partly cloudy and relatively cold skies are set to prevail on Sunday with no significant change in temperatures.

Following is a table outlining temperatures anticipated on Thursday across the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency (WAFA)