With a surge in COVID-19 cases in Palestine, Nablus governor says most of the new cases were not vaccinated

NABLUS, Saturday, Nablus Governor Ibrahim Ramadan warned today that the number of daily coronavirus cases is rising significantly and hospital occupancy is also worryingly increasing, pointing to the fact that most of those infected with the disease have not been inoculated against the COVID-19 disease.

He said in a statement that no one wants to see a new lockdown, as was the case in the early times of the pandemic last year, which was devastating for the economy, and therefore people should get vaccinated to be able to control the spread of the disease.

“We are doing everything we can with your support and the support of our health and security staff to ensure that our life continues safely, and it is also a call for taking greater care in social distancing, following preventive measures and taking the vaccine,” said the Nablus Governor.

He urged all members of society, including teachers, the media, intellectuals, preachers, academics, and all members of the society to shoulder their responsibility in fighting this disease.

The Palestinian Health Ministry has warned of a surge in coronavirus cases in Palestine in recent days as a result of the Delta variant of COVID-19 as the number of new cases and hospitalized patients have multiplied while only 33 percent of people in the West Bank have been vaccinated compared to only 10 percent in the Gaza Strip.


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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