Yemen’s Hadhramaut Province a Beneficiary of Saudi Health, Education, Energy and Water Sector Support

HADHRAMAUT, Yemen, July 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has coordinated closely with authorities in Yemen’s Hadhramaut Governorate to meet public service needs. SDRPY is supporting Hadhramaut through a series of development projects in the health, education, energy and water sectors, and is also carrying out environmental sanitation work. The projects follow field visits to the governorate by program specialists to carry out development needs assessments in consultation with local authorities.

“The program is improving the education sector with the construction of two new schools in Mukalla and Seiyun,” says SDRPY Hadhramaut Director Eng. Abdullah Basulaiman. “This is in on top of delivering 100 fishing boats with outboard motors to residents of the province.”

Recently, SDRPY laid the foundation stone for the construction of a 9-classroom school in Seiyun on 1,200 m2 of land. Equipped with 162 sets of desks and chairs, 3 administrative offices, a chemistry lab and a sports field, the project will extend learning opportunities to 330 male and female students.

To heighten public safety, SDRPY launched a campaign to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Hadhramaut in April in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health and Population and the Cleaning and Improvement Fund reaching over a million beneficiaries. Apart from supporting the provincial treatment center for coronavirus cases and raising public awareness, the project involved sterilization procedures using high-quality equipment to spray diluted chlorine in markets and gathering places. The campaign lasted 30 working days and spanned 12 districts, using 150 spray workers, 50 transportation vehicles and 50 spray pumps.

SDRPY has supported Hadhramaut’s health sector by upgrading health centers and easing access to emergency health services in rural areas. The program has supplied ambulances to five hospitals in Al-Hajr, Mukalla, Al-Abr, Thamud and Seiyun districts.

The program has provided 6 water trucks to Seiyun to meet public needs for clean water and delivered 30,000 tons of oil derivatives (13,000 tons of mazut and 17,000 tons of diesel) to Mukalla port to keep Hadhramaut’s power stations operational 24/7.

To serve safety at Seiyun Airport, SDRPY has supplied an ambulance equipped with all medical and ambulatory gear, isolated cabin for patient protection, air conditioning system and sphygmomanometer, oxygen cylinder, drainage suction device, portable artificial respirator, automatic exterior defibrillator, wheelchair, mobile bed and stretcher.

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