Air Pollution Makes People Lazier: Study

A new study by the University of Leicester revealed that air pollution is contributing to increased sedentary behavior, causing an extra 22 minutes of inactivity per day.

The research, focusing on 644 individuals at risk of Type 2 diabetes, defines inactivity as time spent lying down, sitting, reclining, or standing without movement. The study was conducted in the United Kingdom (UK) and was published on the Journal of Public Health.

Despite existing awareness of air pollution’s role in respiratory and cardiometabolic diseases, the study suggests a potential link between pollution levels and people’s reluctance or ability to exercise.

Long-term exposure to current pollution levels was found to correlate with a rise in daily inactive time.

Dr. Jonathan Goldney emphasizes the global prevalence of polluted air, with the World Health Organization estimating that 99% of the population breathes air with high pollutant levels.

The study highlights the need to address air pollution to mitigate potential impacts
on public health, with Dr. Goldney suggesting measures like low emission zones could significantly influence sedentary behaviors and overall well-being.

Source: Oman News Agency