Youth City 2023 celebrates International Youth Day

Youth City 2030, organized by the Ministry of Youth Affairs in cooperation with Tamkeen, celebrated International Youth Day.Sarra Ishaq Murtadha Akbar, Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Youth and Affairs, Firas Gharaibeh, Acting Resident Rep…

Bahrain Almond Festival to be held annually, ministry

The Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture is planning to hold more festivals to promote locally-produced fruits.Undersecretary for Agricultural Affairs and Marine Resources Dr. Khalid Ahmed Hassan unveiled the plans, hailing the success of the mai…

Bahrain’s first almond festival opens

Bahrain’s first edition of the almond festival opened today at the site of the farmers’ market at the Budaiya Botanical Garden.The Ministry of Municipalities and Agriculture launched the maid edition which attracted large numbers of citizens, residents…

Oman Scores High at Arab Music and Song Contest in Tunisia

Radio of the Sultanate of Oman won first prize in the Arab Music and Song Contest’s 14th round dedicated to music tracks. Oman bagged first prize for its leading music track codenamed “Wahaj” (glow).In the song contest, Oman won second