Capital Police Directorate ranked diamond level in a healthy workplace

The Capital Governorate Police Directorate becomes the first entity in Bahrain to meet the criteria for the diamond level of a healthy workplace project of the Health Ministry. The project aims to promote the well-being of the public.

On behalf of the Director-General, Brigadier Ibrahim Saif Bakheet Al Najran confirmed the achievement comes in the implementation of Interior Minister General Shaikh bin Abdullah Al Khalifa’s instructions to develop and sustain a healthy work environment which will reflect positively among the services for the public. He also hailed the continuous support of the Chief of Public Security, Lt-General Tariq Al-Hassan.

He highlighted that the project is considered one of many health initiatives aiming to raise health awareness in Bahrain within the projects included in the Healthy Cities Programme.

The programme is part of the activities of the National Plan to Promote the Spirit of Belonging to the Nation and Reinforce the Values of Nationalism.

The directorate fulfilled the criteria through training courses, completing questionnaires on mental health, proper nutrition, physical fitness and tobacco control, in cooperation with coordination of the Directorate of Health and Social Affairs of the Ministry of Interior.

Source: Bahrain News Agency