Israeli police continue to harass Palestinian freedom fighters released after serving 40 years in prison

Israeli police continued to harass Palestinian freedom fighters Karim Younis and Maher Younis, who were released from prison this month after serving 40 years behind bars for resisting the occupation.

Karim Younis’ family said that a large police force today broke into their home in the Arab town of Arara, in central Israel, searched the house and seized Palestinian flags, pictures and posters that were hung in the town to celebrate the release of Karim earlier this month.

The police detained Karim’s sister-in-law and another relative and issued a summons for Karim and his brother to appear before the Israeli police for interrogation.

Last week, police also raided the home of Maher Younis, who was also released last week from Israeli captivity after spending 40 years behind bars, and detained him and his brother and interrogated them for alleged incitement against Israel. They were later released.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency