Muscat Municipality Launches First Stage of E-certification Service for Lease Contracts

Muscat Municipality launched today the first stage of the electronic certification service for lease contracts, which includes new residential lease contracts only.

The subsequent stages of the service will include the electronic certification process for various other types of lease contracts. In the first stage, the service targets all members of society, with the exception for agencies and government entities, which will be dealt with according to the previously followed procedures.

This step stems from the importance of regulation of the rental relationship and documenting rental contracts between the owner (lessor) and the beneficiary (tenant), and in an effort to simplify and simplify the procedures for providing services and digital transformation in completing service transactions.

The implementation of this service comes within Muscat Municipality’s plan for electronic transformation of services, re-engineering some municipal services procedures, simplifying them, and reducing the time to complet
e transactions. This move comes is in line with the country’s approach towards achieving the goals of e-government.

Source: Oman News Agency