Oman’s OQ Group Reports Historic Financial, Operational Performance in 2022

Oman’s OQ Group today announced its full-year 2022 financial performance results, reporting the highest net profit in the Group’s history.

The record performance was driven by strong operational performance in the majority of the Group’s businesses and an advantageous market environment.

In 2022, the Global Integrated Energy Group recorded a consolidated revenue, adjusted EBITDA and net profit of USD 39.126 billion, USD 6.179 billion, and USD 3.850 billion, respectively.

The Group’s robust performance was higher than both the 2022 budget and 2021 actual performance. This was primarily driven by higher production volumes, favorable prices in both its upstream and downstream businesses and a strong performance from its Trading arm.

“This year has been an exceptional year for OQ, witnessing the strongest financial and operational performance in its history, while at the same time anchoring OQ as an energy transition enabler in the Sultanate of Oman,”said Mulham Al Jarf, OQ Chairman.

In January,OQ commissioned itsOQ Liquified Petroleum Gas (OQ LPG) facility in Salalah.

OQ Exploration and Production (OQ EandP) also commissionedBisat-C, the third crude oil processing plant in theBisatoil field, helping to increase its production capacity to more than 55,000 barrels per day in 2022.

In line with Oman Vision 2040’sgoalsto attract foreign investments in the Sultanate of Oman, OQcontinuedpursuingopportunitiesacross its streams, including petrochemicals andHydrogen.

OQ Gas Network (OQ GN) effectivelycapitalizedon the growing global LNG demand to deliver a record-breaking 39.4billioncubicmeters of natural gas to customers.

OQ’s Board of Directorsapproved the Group’s decarbonization plan.Additionally, OQ was announced as Oman’s Renewable Energy champion,with OQ’s Alternative Energy pillar (OQ AE)entering intolow-carbon, clean energy, and Hydrogen projectswith the potential to generate more than 30 GW of renewable energy in Oman.

Reflecting on OQ’s results, Talal Al Awfi, Group Chief Executive Officer said:“With an increased focus on building financial resilience, improving operations, optimizing cost, and establishing an operating model that drives accountability, we are more equipped than ever to face market challenges and be more resilient in the face of adverse conditions.”

Source: Oman News Agency