Pro-Palestine protesters gather outside Hampden ahead of Scotland World Cup qualifier

DUBLIN, Pro-Palestine protesters gathered yesterday outside Hampden Park in Glasgow, Scotland, in the rain ahead of Scotland’s World Cup qualifier match.

Many others took part in the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign demonstration outside the national stadium, according to The Scottish Sun, Scotland’s largest newspaper.

The protests come after red ‘blood’ paint was poured over the entrance to Hampden in another protest last month to express their resentment over Israeli human rights violations in occupied Palestine.

The messages “Palestinian blood!” and “Free Gaza” were also spray-painted on walls on either side of the bus ramp.

At around 3pm Saturday, protesters were seen waving Palestine flags and holding up banners. The group outlined their plans for the demonstration on Twitter earlier in the week.

The campaign says “Israel is waging a war against Palestinian social life, including sports.”

The group also says that Israeli occupation army snipers “have killed many promising young players as part of its ongoing shoot-to-maim and shoot-to-kill policy against demonstrators.”

They also added: “Palestinian football is not exempt from Israel’s brutal occupation apartheid regime.”

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency