The Women Leaders Association in Lebanon (WLA) organized the “Ana Lubnaniya-Arabiya” conference, which includes businesswomen from the Middle East and North Africa, with the aim of exchanging experiences and knowledge, enhancing cooperation between them, and searching for new investment opportunities. A wide participation of distinguished speakers this year took part in the conference, after the success achieved by the first edition of the conference last year at Expo Dubai (UAE).

The conference falls under the initiative of Lebanon: An Arab Edutainment hub, which extends over three days, from 24 to 26 May 2023, and includes a number of important events and programs.

The first day included a series of seminars dealing with the situation of women in the economy, business, trade, retail, tourism and entrepreneurship. It will be followed by the launch of the ‘She Leads’ academic program, which aims to provide businesswomen with new skills and technical tools that enable them to expand the scope of their businesses and investments, in cooperation with USEK, where certificates will be distributed to graduates of the program during the closing dinner.

WLA will also allocate a full day for the participants to tour various locations, in a qualitative way that presents specialized aspects that are unique to Lebanese businesswomen in the field of tourism.

About the conference, Mrs. Madiha Raslan, President of the Women Leaders Association, says: “It is a great honor for us that Beirut received a group of leading businesswomen in our Arab world, from Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Tunisia, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait in addition to Lebanon, this will contribute to the establishment of an Arab network that enhances cooperation and economic and social opportunities for women.”

Raslan points out that one of the WLA’s goals is to carry out various economic activities that put women in the advanced and competitive ranks, and stresses that “encouraging women to invest directly contributes to the rise of the national product and contributes to creating job opportunities for youth and the prosperity of countries.”

Source: National News Agency – Lebanon