World Cup 2030 Identity Unveiled

The Organizing Committee of the FIFA World Cup 2030 has presented the official slogan for the World Cup 2030, which will be jointly organized by Morocco, Spain and Portugal.

The slogan, “Yalla Vamos 2030,” meaning “let’s go” in Arabic and Spanish, captures the essence of unity and excitement for the upcoming event.

This dynamic phrase featured prominently in the official logo of the 2030 World Cup, along with a vibrant depiction of the number 30. Symbolizing the year of the tournament, the number was artfully incorporated with colors inspired by the flags of the three host countries; red, yellow, green and blue.

The committee further emphasised that “Morocco, Portugal and Spain link the coasts of Africa and Europe, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, welcoming the world to the crossroads of civilizations. Three countries with a shared history, culture, geography and ambition, which are individually unique, but collectively intertwined”.

Source: Oman News Agency