The International Academy receives “Coblak”

Ramallah – Together – The International Academic Campaign Against the Israeli Occupation and Apartheid, represented by Dr. Ramzi Odeh, Secretary-General of the campaign and member of the Central Committee of the COBLAC organization in Latin America, received Nidal Al-Hadwa.

The two parties discussed the prospects for cooperation between the two organizations, especially in this delicate circumstance that the Palestinian issue is experiencing as a result of the brutal Israeli aggression against the Gaza Strip and the occupied West Bank.

Odeh pointed out that this meeting discussed appropriate mechanisms to activate the role of academic diplomacy in Latin America, through holding scientific conferences and twinning between American and Palestinian universities and establishing joint research centers on occupation and apartheid studies.

Odeh stressed the interest of the international academic campaign in changing the admission systems in Latin American universities to include the condition that the student or
advanced researcher not participate in any genocidal activity.

For his part, Al-Hadwa stressed the importance of Latin American countries in supporting the Palestinian issue, especially since these countries include hundreds of thousands of Palestinian diaspora, and the positions of the governments of these countries are advanced towards the Palestinian issue. It is necessary to build on it and confront the rising Zionist lobby in this region.

Al-Hadwa expressed his pride in the strategic partnership between the academic campaign and COPLAC, stressing the role that COPLAC plays as an incubator for academic work on the Latin American continent in order to advocate for the Palestinian cause and the academic boycott.

Source: Maan News Agency