Abu Rudeineh: US is now complicit with Israel in aggression against Palestinian people

RAMALLAH, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, spokesman for President Mahmoud Abbas, said on Wednesday that the opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem, which he described as an American settlement outpost, and the incitements by its ambassadors at the United Nations and in Israel have made the US administration a complicit in the aggression against our Palestinian people.

He said this American policy, which has led since the US recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel and relocating its embassy to the Holy City to the killing of hundreds of Palestinians in addition to the incitements by its ambassadors to the United Nations and Israel, has encouraged extremist Israelis to continue with their practices and settlement activities and in their attacks against the Palestinian people.

The spokesman said the US provocations and disrespect for the Arab world and international community have contributed to an increase in the mistrust, which does not exist in the first place, and aggravated a tense relationship overwhelmed with mistrust and lack of credibility and the fall of the illusion of making peace with Arabs without the Palestinians by bypassing the Arab Peace Initiative and upsetting the national and regional balance.

He said the region is facing a period of confusion full of problems and instability, which demand a unified Palestinian and Arab position to counter this Israeli-American aggression on the holy sites, the national rights and the international resolutions.

He said the long history of Palestinian and Arab bloodshed as a result of this [US] policy demands a re-evaluation and examination of the political vacuum and putting an end to the state of illusion in order to fortify the national position in light of the hostile policy and conspiracies woven and many challenges aimed at the national identity of the region as a whole.

He said the sacrifices of our Palestinian people, their steadfastness and stand behind their nationalist leadership will lead to the Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency

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