ADDED to organize seminar on export logistics

WAM ABU DHABI: The Foreign Trade and Export Support division of the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) is conducting an export development seminar on September 24, 2012 at ADDED’s main office in Abu Dhabi. The “Introduction to Export Logistics” seminar will provide companies that have little or no export experience with a broad foundation about export logistics.

Effective logistics can provide a company a competitive advantage over its competitors and contribute to a company’s profitability. Dr. Adeeb Al Afifi, Director of Foreign Trade and Export Support, emphasized the importance of logistics knowledge to exporters, “When sending products to other markets there are additional factors to consider, such as customs, terms, and insurance.

Understanding these factors contributes to making exporting profitable for a company.” Part of the Foreign Trade and Export Support division’s mission is to assist Abu Dhabi operating goods and services companies with developing their export capabilities. Bader Al Jenaibi, Section Head, commented how this seminar will meet that mission, “This seminar is designed to provide companies that have little or no exporting experience with a basic understanding of export logistics.

This will allow the attendees to ask questions of logistics suppliers and understand the answers they receive.” He added, “This is a starting point from which greater knowledge can be gained by the companies.” Next week’s seminar will be the second time that the Export Support division has conducted this session. The seminar’s program manager commented, “We conducted this event in 2011 with approximately 60 company representatives attending.

The feedback we received was extremely positive about the usefulness of the material and the way that it was presented.” In 2011, the seminar attendees’ export experience ranged from students developing business plans for university courses to those whose companies export to over 50 countries. The program manager addressed this situation, “We work with providers of services to lead the seminars, this allows for a wide range of questions to be addressed with real world experience and not just theory.”


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