Al Attiyah: UN Climate Change COP18 Conference Will be a Success

Doha, November 28 (QNA) – HE the Chairman of Qatar’s Administrative Control and Transparency Authority Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah has said he is optimistic that the current UN Climate Change COP18 conference, currently underway in Doha, will be successful, a phased agreement will be clinched and a roadmap will be set for the next three years.
Al Attiyah, who chairs the conference, told Aljazeera television he is hopeful a plan will be set for the next three years and implementation of an agreement will start in 2020. Major powers and players who may have reservations will have a certain role to play and ways will be sought to ensure that they will not oppose an accord, Al Attiyah explained.
He acknowledged that it is not an easy task to gain a binding approval of 192 countries for an agreement on climate change, citing previous 17 annual meetings for the purpose and the diversity of objectives, interests and strategies of countries.
However, he said ” I expect COP18 would be conducive to an agreement regarding extending the Kyoto Protocol, which has expired, the second phase of the protocol, and to setting a timetable for the new phase.”
He emphasized that the new agreements should be knitted to a roadmap for application, otherwise their execution will only be flung into future meetings. “Our task at this meeting is to set a working plan and to draw a roadmap ready for application,” he said. (QNA)