Arab health ministers adopt a resolution to support the Palestinian health sector

Geneva – Together – The Arab health ministers adopted a decision to support the Palestinian health sector, during their meeting within the work of the 60th session of the Council, and before the start of the work of the 77th session of the General Assembly of the World Health Organization, which is being held in the Swiss capital, Geneva.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Majed Abu Madan, who heads the delegation of the State of Palestine, said during his speech at the meeting, ‘Urgent measures and procedures must be taken to stop the collapse of the health system, the most important of which is stopping the aggression completely and immediately, including stopping the aggression against the health system.’

The Minister of Health called urgently and immediately for adherence to international treaties, the Fourth Geneva Convention and various international laws and treaties, providing and introducing humanitarian and health aid and supplies in sufficient quantities on a permanent basis, and establishing more field

Minister Abu Ramadan stressed the work to rebuild the health infrastructure that was destroyed by the aggression, including hospitals and health centers, providing permanent financial and technical support to the Palestinian Ministry of Health to carry out its tasks, and supplying it with specialized medical delegations, urgently, until the destroyed hospitals are rebuilt.

In turn, the Minister of Health stressed that the financial crisis that the State of Palestine is going through as a result of the occupation’s piracy of Palestinian funds has a serious impact on the continued provision of medical and health services to citizens.

Minister Abu Ramadan said, “The worsening financial crisis that the Palestinian government has been suffering for several months, caused by the Israeli occupation, as the occupation deducts a large portion of the Palestinian clearance funds controlled by the occupation, has negatively affected the government’s ability to fulfill its financial obligations, including sa
laries and operational expenses.” Including the ability to pay financial obligations for medicines and medical supplies and purchase services from the private sector.

On a related level, the Minister of Health will hold a number of bilateral meetings and meetings with a number of Arab and foreign health ministers, in addition to meetings with a number of international officials in the health fields, in order to mobilize support and support for the Palestinian Ministry of Health and inform them of the latest developments regarding the continuation and escalation of the Israeli aggression against the State of Palestine, especially in Gaza strip.

The State of Palestine participates in the work of the 77th session of the General Assembly of the World Health Organization and the work of the Arab Committee for Primary Health Care, the Arab Health Committee for Emergency Preparedness and Response, and the Arab Advisory Committee for Nursing and Midwifery, in addition to the meeting of Arab drug regulatory bodies a
nd bodies, the Arab Council for Health Specialties, and the Arab Authority. For blood transfusion services, the Arab Center for Authoring and Translating Health Sciences, the Arab Fund for Health Development and other administrative issues related to the Council.

Source: Maan News Agency