Arab Initiative concludes with call for enhanced Arab participation in efforts to combat human trafficking

WAM ABU DHABI: The Arab Initiative to Build National Capacities to Combat Human Trafficking organized by Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking and UN Office on Drugs and Crime and hosted by the UAE concluded in Abu Dhabi with a call to enlarge the initiative to include more Arab countries and empower workers in this field by enhancing their capabilities to prevent such crimes.

“By hosting the initiative, the UAE confirmed its commitment as a responsible member of the international community to fight human trafficking through effective cooperation with other governments, non-government and international organisations. It also highlighted the UAE’s prominent role in the global campaign to combat human trafficking crimes,” said Dr. Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, and Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking.

Stressing that the UAE has always adopted international best practices, Dr. Gargash said the country was working to tackle the global menace of human trafficking through a national strategy based on the five pillars of prevention, protection, prosecution, punishment and promotion (of international co-operation).

Workshops organized during the event focused on vital issues such as transition from general approach to security approach from the perspective of international conventions and protocols as well as explaining the mechanisms of identifying trafficking victims based on accurate indications which are in line with international best practices and rules and regulations.

With regard to the other topics highlighted during the workshops, the main focus was on building the capacity of workers in the labour market, and the international system to combat trafficking at work. Other topics underlined the importance of combating human trafficking in the labour market, and the role of ministries of labour and other organisations concerned in preserving labour rights.