Arab Initiative looks to strengthen capacities of organisations combating human trafficking

WAM ABU DHABI: 28th April 2013: The Arab Initiative to build the national capacities to combat human trafficking was launched in Abu Dhabi today with the organization of two workshops dealing with this and other related issues.

“We hope these workshops will help us develop the competencies and national capacities of both the authorities and the specialists working in the field of combating human trafficking, enabling them to contribute effectively towards elimination of such crimes which have major negative impacts on the well-being of the international community,” said Dr. Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs, and Chairman of the National Committee to Combat Trafficking.

The Minister stressed that the elimination of this scourge requires a combined effort on the part of the regional and international authorities as positive results can only be achieved through joint actions and sharing of experiences and information related to these crimes. Such initiatives and events facilitate improved communication between the various countries concerned besides raising awareness about human trafficking, he added.

“The United Arab Emirates is fully aware of the negative consequences of such crimes. Therefore it is striving to overcome the challenges associated with trafficking and enhance cooperation with the international community to pave the way for strong actions against these crimes. Through these efforts, we aim to become an inspiring model in conservation of human rights,” he said.

Both the workshops focused on vital issues such as transition from general approach to security approach from the perspective of international conventions and protocols as well as explaining the mechanisms of identifying trafficking victims based on accurate indications which are in line with international best practices and rules and regulations.

With regard to the other topics highlighted during the workshops, the main focus was on building the capacity of workers in the labour market, and the international system to combat trafficking at work. Other topics underlined the importance of combating human trafficking in the labour market, and the role of ministries of labour and other organisations concerned in preserving labour rights.