Arrivals from coronavirus-affected countries asked to stay in quarantine

RAMALLAH, The Ministry of Interior called today upon arrivals coming from countries affected by the new coronavirus (COVID-19), especially China, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand and Taiwan to stay in quarantine for 14 days.

New arrivals from the said countries were also asked to report themselves to the Ministry crews at border crossings and to commit to 14 days of quarantine period from the moment of their arrival to Palestine in order to help contain the virus and prevent it from being spread to others.

It called upon citizens and residents to cooperate with the directorates of the Ministry of Health in all governorates and abide by the WHO recommendations regarding the disease, which include using paper tissues to cover the mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, upholding personal hygiene and safe nutritional practices, washing the hands with soap and water or other antiseptics, avoiding kissing and contact with anyone suffering from cold or flu-like symptoms without taking the necessary precautions, and seeking medical care in the event of fever, cough or breathing difficulties.

No cases of coronavirus were recorded in Palestine to date.

Source: Palestinian News and Info Agency