Assad’s adamant attitude likely to cost him dearly, says paper

WAM ABU DHABI: Syrian President Bashar Assad’s adamant attitude is likely to cost him dearly in times to come, according to a Dubai-based newspaper. It would have been prudent for Syrian President Bashar Assad to have opened a new vista of opportunity by offering new solutions that would have paved the way for his honorable exit, Khaleej Times said in an editorial comment.

The statement that President Bashar Al Assad has made, in an interview with Egyptian daily Al Ahram newspaper, has created a d?j? vu impact, as his utterance that foreigners are behind the uprising and there is no dissent among the Syrians against his rule is quite perplexing, the English language paper added. “This is exactly what Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi had said even days before his exit from the scene, it remarked.

Gaddafi , according to the paper, also believed that his fall was being engineered by the West, and that he would live to reign supreme. The Libyan autocrat had also challenged that his house would not collapse like that of Hosni Mubarak of Egypt. The paper described Assad’s offer of so-called talks (with the opposition) as nothing less than a stunt.

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