Countries not voting for Palestine’s right to hold Israel accountable should not demand it elsewhere – official

GENEVA, Ibrahim Khreisheh, the Permanent Representative of the State of Palestine to the United Nations –Geneva, said today at the Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva that those who do not vote for Palestine’s right to hold Israel accountable have no right to demand it elsewhere in the world.

The Human Rights Council adopted at its session today the Palestine Resolution on the human rights situation, ensuring accountability and achieving justice, with 32 states voting in favor of the resolution, six abstaining, and six states voting against.

He said the Palestinian mission took the initiative this year to incorporate the human rights resolution with accountability.

“We are surprised to hear that if we invoke Item 7, they say there is kind of singling out,” the ambassador said, adding, “If we go to the International Criminal Court in order to achieve justice, some say that this is unacceptable under the pretext that Palestine is not a recognized state. This is another blunder committed by these countries.”

Khreisheh said that “if we move to Item 2, counted the number of resolutions and noted all the observations and amendments with the aim of reaching a consensus, a number of countries that will vote against or abstain will become less. This matter requires, first of all, respecting the rules of diplomatic conduct and negotiation.”

He affirmed that “these countries may absolutely not demand accountability anywhere in the world,” stressing that “this double standard, politicization and interference in the affairs of states, as we talk about the principle of accountability, given that the Palestinian issue is a foreign occupation that has been ongoing for than 54 years.”

The Palestine observer stressed the necessity to implement what was stated in the recommendations and conclusions of the fact-finding committees of the Human Rights Council since its inception in 2006, as well as what was stated in the declaration of the High States Parties Conference that was adopted in 2014 in order to guarantee serious violations of international humanitarian law, and other international laws.


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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