Fatah says convening National Council a strategic Palestinian interest

RAMALLAH � Fatah movement said on Saturday that convening the National Council is a national necessity, a strategic Palestinian interest, and a protection for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.

Osama Qawasmi, Fatah spokesman and member of its Revolutionary Council, said in a press statement that the call for convening the National Council comes during sensitive, important and critical circumstances, especially in light of the Israeli assault on the Palestinians as a whole, their leadership and the PLO and its attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause through the creation of an alternative leadership.

He mentioned the Village Leagues, which Israel attempted to create in the West Bank in the 1970s, and following the PLO departure from Beirut in 1982 as examples of Israeli attempts to create alternative leadership to the Palestinian people.

Qawasmi warned that Hamas’ refusal to participate in the planned meeting of the National Council, the PLO parliament, is a continuation of the division approach that began since its inception, and evidence of its adherence to alliances with suspicious non-patriotic parties.

He said the Islamic Jihad, which, along with Hamas, is not a member of the National Council, holds a position similar to that of Hamas.

The Palestinian National Council is expected to convene most likely in Ramallah in September, before President Mahmoud Abbas flies to New York to address the United Nations General Assembly.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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