Fight against terror goes on, says UAE paper

WAM Abu Dhabi, Apr 19th, 2013 (WAM)–The security forces in the UAE have achieved an important success with the arrest of the members of a suspected terrorist cell linked to Al Qaida, made up of seven people of various Arab nationalities.

As one of the world’s major hubs, the UAE naturally plays host to millions of people working in the country and transiting every year. Therefore, the country’s security forces have played an important part in fighting global and regional terrorism and their continual monitoring of illegal and suspicious activities has been crucial in both discovering and then arresting this terrorist group.

A government spokesman said the cell was working in several ways, seeking to commit “acts in the UAE that would affect the security of the state and the safety of its citizens and residents”, but it also was working for Al Qaida in a more global sense by recruiting people and promoting its agenda as well as “providing Al Qaida with funds and logistical support to facilitate the extension of their activities to some countries in the region”.

“Many of the details of the arrest have not been published as is usual in security cases, but the whole file has been passed to the State Security Prosecution, which will conduct its own investigation and proceed to trial in due time. More details may emerge at that time, ” said English language local daily, Gulf News, in its editorial on Friday.

It added that the UAE has been very clear that it cannot allow terrorist activities to gain any foothold in the country and its zero-tolerance policy has been fundamental in the way it works to stop any individual who works to support this type of activities. The militant and destructive principles that guide these kinds of terrorists and criminals are directly opposed to how the UAE works.

“The UAE has been committed to encouraging peaceful development in the country and region and it has made a point of using its oil wealth to support a wide variety of aid and charitable activities around the world,” the paper said.

Therefore, it continued, as a responsible member of the international community, the UAE has worked closely with all major forces of the world to help contain and stop the menace of Al Qaida and its affiliates. These terrorists have failed to offer their followers any message of hope, since their message is restricted to violence, with no trace of building a new society or offering anything other than destruction and savagery.

“This kind of an asymmetrical war is a real challenge for all civilised communities, as they have more to defend against the terrorist cells that Al Qaida sponsors,” the paper said.

It added that all established nation states like the UAE work for the general betterment of all their members, seeking to encourage education, self-help and the rule of law. This is in stark contrast to the simplistic destruction offered by Al Qaida and its devotion to ripping down the elements of society that have been built up over centuries.

“Defending the UAE’s Arab and Muslim values means that the country’s security forces need to be on a state of continual alertness against Al Qaida and they are to be congratulated in their success this week,” it concluded.