JAC Makes Big Leap Into South American Market In 2012

HEFEI, China, Jan. 4, 2013 /PRNewswire — 2012 saw a bumper harvest for JAC’s South America operations. According to statistics, in the first 11 months alone, JAC exported nearly 51,000 units in total and is expected to export nearly 55,000 units throughout the year, of which nearly 30,000 units were exported to the South American market (making up a nearly 60% share of all JAC exported units).

In 2012, JAC brought into South America with more rich and good quality products and gradually rooted in the market to contribute itself to local economic development. JAC’s overseas operations in the South America market are being deepened and intensified.

In 2012, the products that JAC brought into South America have been expanded into A0 class cars from A-class cars (J3 and J3 Turin), B-class cars (J5 and J6), MPV(M1), vans and commercial vehicles. J2 is JAC’s latest developed A0 class car, and has completed JAC’s passenger vehicle portfolio; it is recognized by its outstanding interior space, agile exterior style and stable security

In 2012, J2 launched into South American markets successively and won favorable comments from users. In Chile, J2 was launched into the market in April and monthly sales made a breakthrough of 200 units only six months later. Right now, the end sales of J2 have realized more than 1,000 units, becoming the best-selling A0 class car among Chinese brands in Chile. In Brazil, J2 made its first appearance at the Sao Paulo International Auto Show on October 28th, attracting attention from the public. On Nov. 27th, J2 was officially launched into the Brazil market and within 20 days saw 400 units sold. In addition, its advertisement video, “Parado e pop, andando e rock”, received 510,000 clicks within 24 hours after it was put onto YOUTUBE.

JAC has made important steps in South American localization in 2012 in order to provide better and more localized products to reward customers, and to make contributions to the local economy. On Nov. 26th in Brazil, JAC held its cornerstone laying foundation for its Brazil plant in CAMACARI, Bahia. It is predicted that the plant will complete its establishment in the year 2014. With total investment of 600 million dollars, the plant’s annual production will be 100,000 vehicles. At the same time, it will create more than 3,500 direct employment chances and more than 10,000 indirect employment chances. China’s ambassador in Brazil, Mr. Li Jinzhang, pointed out, “The establishment of a joint venture means that JAC and SHC have further improved its cooperation quality when enlarging the cooperation scale; moreover, it will certainly create more job chances in Brazil, and drive local economic development and progress of the society.”

JAC has exported to more than 30 countries in the South American market. Because of its rich products, durable quality and intimate service of its the passenger vehicles segment, JAC has become the best-selling Chinese brand in Brazil, Bolivia, Columbia and Costa Rica. JAC has risen to be among the top three best-selling Chinese brands in Chile and Peru; while in the commercial vehicles segment, JAC leads Chinese commercial vehicle brands in Peru, Chile, Columbia and Ecuador.

2012 was a year of great leaps for JAC in South America. As for the expectations for 2013, one key executive of JAC says: “JAC regards South America as a second hometown. JAC promises its hometown people that it will bring first-class products, quality and service, as well as a mature auto manufacturing experience to South American markets, and to make further contributions to the growth of local economies and the automotive industry. In 2013, JAC hopes to realize better growth and that JAC products will be embraced by more and more South American people!”