Korean official: Doha Conference a Historic Turning Point in Climate Change Talks

Doha, November 28 (QNA) – South Korea’s Ambassador for Climate Change Son sung-Huwan has welcomed Qatar’s hosting of the United Nations 18th Conference on Climate Change (COP 18) for the first time in the Middle East and Asia, saying it features a historic turning point in the course of these talks which will pave the way for the start of a new phase of the Kyoto Protocol and the conclusion of talks related to workgroups long-term cooperative action and other specialized committees.
He added that the next phase will also see the beginning of cooperation with new mechanisms of action that have been established in each of Cancun and Durban, including the Green Fund and means relating to technological cooperation and adaptation to climate change.
Hwan in an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), held on the sidelines of the conference, Ambassador sung-Hwan said Qatar enjoys the most important ingredient to play a positive role during the two weeks of talks in Doha, which will contribute to strengthening its position on the world map in the reduction of greenhouse emissions.
He added that the UN welcomes Qatar’s hosting of this conference and taking of  this pioneering step in the Arab world, stressing that the step will contribute to the involvement of Arab countries more effectively and directly in the path of talks on climate change.
He pointed out that Qatar has the adequate capacity to push the  talks forward and to bring closer the divergent views of the participants, praising the significant role played by HE Abdullah bin Hamad Al Attiyah, Chairman of the Administrative Control and Transparency Authority and President of the COP 18 in hosting this conference.
HE Abdullah bin Hamad al-Attiyah is “the right man in the right place”, thanks to his flexibility, openness and transparency which always enable him to succeed in bringing together different views of more than 191 countries participating in this conference.
In this context, the Korean ambassador referred to the important efforts made by HE  Al-Attiyah, throughout the previous stages specially the preparatory ministerial talks hosted by Korea during the past month.(QNA)