Official says coordinated efforts succeeded in blocking Israel’s UNSC bid

RAMALLAH, Presidential advisor for foreign affairs, Nabil Shaath, said on Monday that coordinated Palestinian-Arab efforts have blocked Israel’s bid for a United Nations Security Council (UNSC) seat.

He told the official Voice of Palestine radio that the coordinated efforts were extremely important and evidence of their potential to challenge Zionist settler-colonialism and US bias toward Israel.

Commenting on Palestine’s bid for full UNSC membership, Shaath said that Palestine’s application to gain full UN membership would most likely be vetoed by the US, a step which would compel Palestine to call for convening the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) under the Uniting for Peace principle to get the resolution to pass.

Shaath ascribed the Palestinian delay in this step to being preoccupied with the recent Palestinian National Council session and President Mahmoud Abbas’ current visit to Latin America, saying that this matter will be picked up again after Abbas returns home.

Commenting on Israel’s steps to strengthen ties with African countries, Shaath said Palestine did not fear Israel’s diplomacy in Africa and ruled out the possibility that any African country would opt to strengthen bilateral ties with Israel since it would be confronted by South Africa and the Organization of African Unity (OAU).

He also pointed out that what could succeed in this case are the efforts by some countries in Central America such as Guatemala and Honduras that fall under US domination.

Source: Palestine News & Info Agency

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