Palestine could return to full lockdown due to a surge in COVID-19 cases: Official

RAMALLAH, Ghassan Nemer, spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, said today that the country could return to a full lockdown due to a surge in the daily coronavirus infections, resulting from the failure of the public to adhere to the safety protocols.

He told official Voice of Palestine radio that Palestine was facing “horrifying figures” and that the High Emergency Committee is dealing with all possible scenarios, but said for the time being the Committee will only recommend stricter implementation and control of the safety protocols.

“In the event of a return to a full lockdown, it will have repercussions causing the shrinking of the economy, as well as the closure of schools,” said Nemer.

In the meantime, the Ministry of Education said 131 schools across Palestine have been shut down due to the spread of the novel virus in their premises.

Ehab Shukri, a spokesman of the Ministry, said the epidemiological situation in schools is currently under control and that schools will remain open to students and teachers. He pointed out that in the event that any coronavirus cases are recorded at a school, the classroom will be shut down for a period of two days to one week for sanitization.


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency