Palestinian professor wins prestigious Global Faculty Award

GAZA, A Palestinian blood pathophysiology and molecular genetics professor from the Gaza Strip has won the prestigious Global Faculty Award.

Mahmoud Sirdah, a professor of hematology and molecular genetics at Al-Azhar University in Gaza, Palestine, was awarded the prestigious global award by the ASK Foundation in recognition of his outstanding contribution to his profession.

Professor Sirdah is a counselor of hematology and molecular genetics at national and regional organizations and a member of the Board of Directors of Palestine Avenir for Childhood Foundation as well as the Founder Board of Directors of the Palestinian Higher Council for Innovation & Excellence. He is also a member of the Experts Advisory Committee of the Palestinian National Institute of Public Health, and served as the Secretary of the Palestinian Health Research Council.

He got different postdoctoral international fellowships and research grants, and won three different national and regional research prizes, including the Distinguished Arabic Researcher 2016 Prize in Medical and Health Sciences and the Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils (FASRC) 2014 Prize for Distinguished Research.

He has published 43 research articles in international peer-reviewed journals and international conferences.

Global Faculty Award aims to actively reaching out to all corners of world to identify, recognize exceptional teaching faculty who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession, demonstrated excellence in teaching different subjects, shown outstanding contribution to learners and served the community through teaching even outside formal classrooms.


Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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