Palestinians mark Sunday 69 years for the Deir Yassin massacre

RAMALLAH, � Palestinians mark on Sunday 69 years for the massacre of Deir Yassin, a Palestinian village at the western entrance to Jerusalem, where Zionist terror gangs lead by former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin murdered and executed in 1948 between 250 and 360 Palestinian women, men and children.

Survivors of the massacres reported on the atrocities done on that day and said armed gangs raided the village of 750 people around 3 in the morning of April 9.

They were confronted by resistance from the local population and following an exchange of gunfire and the killing of four Jewish terrorists and wounding of others, reinforcements were brought to the village.

The Zionist gangs opened indiscriminate fire at the civilian population and bombarded the homes with shells causing a large number of civilian casualties and destruction.

After capturing the village few hours later, the Jewish gangs forced people to stand by the walls and opened fire at them execution style.

Some were even paraded in cars in areas of Jerusalem captured by the Zionist gangs in a festive show of victory over the indigenous Palestinian Arab population.

It is believed that news of the Deir Yassin massacre forced many Palestinian civilians to flee their villages fearing a similar fate if they stay behind.

Deir Yassin was razed after 1948 and replaced by a Jewish town named Givat Shaul.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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