Salfit: A city and its villages under siege

SALFIT, No means left unused against the city of Salfit and its villages by the Israeli forces who have also been tightening the siege on the village of al-Zawiyeh, where Omar Abu Laila is being pursued for allegedly carrying out attack near the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel.

The city has seen no peace or sleep since the killing and wounding of Israeli soldiers and settlers on several locations close to Ariel, which was built on land seized from Salfit, as Israeli planes have been hovering over the area while hundreds of soldiers, accompanied by dogs, were deployed on the ground with intelligence officers and special units, all attempting to reach a string that leads them to the young man named Omar, aged 19.

In almost all of the villages in the Salfit district, the residents are prevented from moving between their areas of residence and their city and the rest of the West Bank cities. The soldiers interrogate them at checkpoints, constantly raid their homes, especially in al-Zawiyeh, harass them even when they are at the doorstep to their homes, as in the case of Kufr al-Dik village, while the village of Bruqin has been turned into an army camp.

Along with the Israeli army’s violations, the settlers continue their hooliganism on the main streets linking the villages. Many settlers were seen attacking Palestinian vehicles at the entrance to Kifl Hares village.

“Israeli forces raided the town more than once and closed its entrances since the incident. A number of people were detained for long hours, while the siblings Khader and Ahmad Mahmoud Shuqair were arrested and their family home was raided several times at night,” said Naim Shuqair, head of al-Zawiyeh village council.

He added that the situation in al-Zawiyeh is very tense in anticipation of any development because the Israeli army claims that the perpetrator of the attack is from the village, noting that schools were shut down yesterday and employees of the public sector were not able to reach their workplaces because of the closures.

The head of Bruqin village council, Bashir Salman, said that the Israeli forces closed the entrances to the village leading to Salfit, Qarawat Bani Zeid and Kufr al-Dik, where the soldiers do not allow entry to or exit from the village. If anyone is allowed to leave it, he will not be allowed to enter. Anyway, movement between the villages is very dangerous, he said. Soldiers are deployed in large numbers in and around the village. There is also intensive search of the houses, most of which were ransacked more than once.

Source: Palestinian News & Info Agency

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