Schools are duty-bound to follow regulations, UAE paper

Abu Dhabi: The temporary suspension of a school’s licence by Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) will serve as a reminder to all in the education sector that rules need to be adhered to, opined a UAE daily.

The KHDA has pulled up the school for a range of issues, including teachers not obtaining educational and labour permits. The number of students at the school also varied when an unannounced head count was done. Attendance in some classes was as low as 30 per cent.

“All these go to show that there are schools which do not mind bending the rules at the cost of the students. The action by KHDA could also mean that hundreds of pupils risk losing an academic year. With most schools running to packed capacity, finding admission after the new session has opened is tough,” Gulf News said in itoday’s editorial.

In many cultures, education is considered sacred. School authorities and teachers will do well to instil in the young the importance of learning while at the same time following the rules that govern them, the paper concluded.


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