UAE pledges AED183 million in support to Somalia at Somalia Conference 2013

LONDON: The UAE has pledged AED183 million (US$50 million) in aid for Somalia.

The UAE’s pledge was announced at the Somalia Conference 2013 which was opened in London today UK Prime Minister David Cameron in presence of high-level representatives of more than fifty countries. The conference aims to provide international support for the Government of Somalia as they rebuild their country, to show international support to President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud who was elected last year and to increase donations for Somalia to improve its security.

Sheikha Lubna Bint Khalid Al Qasimi, Minister of Development and International Co-operation, in a speech before the international donors conference, emphasised the UAE’s strong support to the African Union’s peacekeeping mission and reiterated its commitment to help Somalia face challenges, build institutions, ensure a brighter future and to lay solid foundations for peace and stability.

She also praised the Somalia’s promising achievements represented by the election of a legitimate government led by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and the significant steps taken by the new government in cooperation with the international community to improve security in the country.

The minister also noted that a high-level UAE delegation had recently visited Somalia to discuss cooperation on developing the country’s infrastructure to enable it to build a modern state that is able to rely on its own resources and strengths.

Recently, the UAE and the UK agreed to contribute AED 11.6 M (GBP 2 million) to support Somalia against sexual violence.

In the past four years, the UAE contributed some US$60 million in humanitarian and development aid to Somalia. This UAE aid has been used to provide food, health services, shelters, drinking water supplies as well as to back programs to provide support to the population, reduce conflict, improve education and to train Somali judges.